General Rules and FAQ

1. Safety is solely the responsibility of the client renting the unit.

2. Children must always be supervised while on or around the slides our bouncers.

3. Never allow people on the bouncer in rain or sever weather including high wind or nearby lightning.

4. All users must remove all shoes, jewelry, and sharp objects from their person before entering the slides or jumpers.

5. NEVER allow anyone on the bouncer with gum or silly string! This is very important as you may be charged a cleaning fee.

6. NEVER move the rental units from the location they were originally set up.

7. Leave the units blowers running the entire time the rental is in your possession, even when the unit is not in use! This allows the unit to dry itself it happens to get wet from the rain or dew if the unit happens to be kept overnight. Also, all bouncers and slides require constant power to the blower so they units don't deflate. 

If for some reason the blowers lose power, evacuate all occupants immediately!


Is setup and delivery included in the "Per Day" price?

Yes, however, we do charge a $2 per mile fee for any delivery further than 25 miles from our location.

Are taxes included in the "Per Day" price?

No! State and local taxes are not included in the "Per Day" price. We are licensed in Duval County and collect 7% sales tax on all rented equipment. If the rental is for an exempt organization we will need a copy of the current Sales Tax Exemption form.

Are your bouncers cleaned before we rent them?

Yes! Our bouncers are sanitized between each and every rental!

Can your bouncers be set up on a surface other than grass?

Yes, however a flat patch of grass is the safest option as stakes can be used to anchor the unit to the ground. We can also set up the bouncer on concrete however sand bags must be used to anchor the unit.

What happens if it rains?

Some things are out of our control! If bad weather is in the forecast, we ask that you give us a 24-hour notice as it YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK THE WEATHER FORECAST.  If the weather is questionable and you decide to keep your reservation, once the delivery crew has setup the inflatable at your party location, even if it rains during your party, we unfortunately will not be able to process a refund, due to  covering labor expenses. If there is a good possibility that it will rain during your entire party time, and you are uncertain as to what to do, please call us to discuss. .

Do you require a deposit? 

Yes, we require a deposit of $50 for each reservation. Once we email you the invoice you'll have the option of either paying just the deposit or the full total of your rental. If you choose to only pay the deposit, the remaining balance will be due 7 days before the delivery date of your rental. (This allows us time to time find another customer for the unit if you have to back out at the last minute)

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that no matter how hard you try to plan, life can sometimes throw a curve ball at you, and you may need to cancel or postpone your party. If this happens, please call us immediately to cancel or postpone! We understand, and want you to know that you will NOT lose your deposit! It will remain on your account, and can be applied toward any inflatable rental with us within one year of your original party date! If you have already paid for your rental in full, we will either reschedule your party rental, or refund you the difference between the rental price and the deposit. We believe you will find this to be one of the most fair cancellation policies anywhere!

Do I need to provide a water hose or extension cord for my rental?

No, we provide 50ft of both, however if your rental needs to be set up further than 50 feet from your power or water supply you will need to provide your own equipment. *We can NOT hook up a bouncer or slide to a power source further than 100ft away as this may cause damage to the blower, causing it to deflate.

What if I lose power during my party?

If the inflatable's continuous blower stops working, for any reason, immediately evacuate everyone from on or inside the unit. The most common problem is a tripped circuit breaker. If this is the problem, simply reset the circuit breaker and continue using the unit. If the circuit trips again, simply try another outlet. Be sure that nothing else is running on that circuit like a pool pump as this may cause the breaker to trip. If the circuit breaker keeps tripping, or is not the issue, please call us immediately.